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A Sewer System Inspection Should be on Your Home Buying Checklist

Before signing on the dotted line, hiring a professional home inspector to conduct a thorough analysis of your new home is a no-brainer. The inspection ensures the home is in good working order and identifies potentially costly problems before you take possession of the home.

However, one area that is often overlooked in an inspection is the sewer system.

Normal home inspections don’t include a checkup of the sewer system because it’s buried in the ground and requires special camera equipment to inspect. Keep in mind that homeowners are responsible for the sewer line that runs from the property to the main sewer.

During a sewer inspection, a plumber will use a specialized camera to view your sewer line to see exactly what’s going on underground. They will inspect the pipes, identify any excess debris, determine the overall condition of the sewer and identify any potential problems.

As long as issues are discovered during the inspection period, the home buyer can negotiate a price reduction, discuss having the current owners fix the problem or walk away all together.

Those of us in the real estate business have seen plenty of examples of sewer problems that were discovered in new and old homes. We recently had a client who hired a sewer inspector and discovered an issue with a $5,000 repair cost. They went back to the seller and negotiated a reduction on the sale price of the home to cover the cost.

In another instance, a colleague’s client discovered a $20,000 sewer problem shortly after moving in. As we all know, it’s extremely difficult to go back to the seller after the sale for compensation.

A sewer backup is one of the most expensive repairs you could face as a homeowner as rectifying the situation can quickly reach $10,000-$25,000. Take the advice of those who regret skipping it, pay the extra couple hundred dollars and hire a professional plumber to inspect the sewer! The piece of mind is priceless.

Still not convinced? Check out this video from Structure Tech and then give Joe a call at Drainbusters to schedule your sewer inspection.

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